Coronavirus Cancellations: Law Schools Postpone 2020 Commencement

As the spring semester begins to draw to a close, with commencement almost upon us, third-year students are usually looking out to their futures in the legal profession with hope and excitement. We’d normally be compiling our annual list of the most prestigious and powerful commencement speakers. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is no normal year, and nothing is proceeding as usual.

With the health and safety of students and families at hand, law school commencements are now being postponed, leading to extreme frustration and disappointment for those who have worked so hard for the past three (or four) years to reach this achievement. We’re so sorry that it had to happen this way.

While some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools are opting for virtual commencement exercises (like Harvard) and delayed celebrations (like Georgetown), others’ plans are unclear at this time due to woefully out-of-date websites (like Yale).

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What is your law school planning to do for its 2020 commencement? Please email us or text us (646-820-8477) and let us know.

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